Blind Case Study: Global Religious Organization

Posted by EcoDigital Marketing on Dec 22, 2020 2:44:04 PM
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THE CHALLENGE: Content is King, But How Do You Manage It?

With a prolific production of digital assets, including motion pictures, conference videos and sermons footage sent in from various locations around the world, a global religious organization was facing an increasing complexity of managing their digital content. Their rapidly growing amount of rich media in various versions and formats, and many language tracks presented a need for content management solution to organize and store the diverse production content in an efficient and economical way.


EcoDigital’s DIVA Software Suite delivered just the right solution.



THE SOLUTION: Streamlining Content Management with DIVA System

DIVA System implementation provided the necessary on-premise content management across multiple sites and multi-lingual environments. Redefining and restructuring of content management processes, which paved the way for seamless scaling up based on growing content creation, was achieved through:  


  • Integration with editing systems to manage raw edit content
  • Integration with asset management systems to provide archive operations and access to global users
  • Complex storage management for movie productions
  • Handling of multi-lingual content, associating 90+ language files with the source video
  • Intelligent organization of all data, arranged by media type in data tape library



THE RESULTS: Intelligent and Flexible Rich Media Organization, Sharing and Storage

Through implementation of EcoDigital’s DIVA System, a large global religious organization has succeeded in not only getting a handle on managing big volumes of rich media but also setting themselves up for sustainable future growth in a cost-effective and intelligent manner. Key benefits include:


  • System flexibility. DIVA System’s built-in agility allows for an efficient management and better control of a complex digital asset production environment spanning multiple global locations and multi-lingual content.

  • Automated and secure data migrations. Securing the digital content and preserving its integrity during data migrations is no longer a tedious task since the new technology is automating the process.

  • Intelligent asset management. Methodical and practical data organization of media by type results in a more streamlined rich media management, storage and retrieval.

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