The DIVA Software Suite Version 8.0

Posted by EcoDigital Marketing on Dec 22, 2020 2:43:31 PM
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DIVA Software Suite V8

The world’s leading and most trusted content storage management system, EcoDigital DIVA Software Suite, revolutionizes rich media asset management and gives you full control of the entire life cycle of your digital content.

At its core, DIVA is an asset monetization system, optimizing costs and simplifying management of even the most complex environments. Agnostic to data storage technologies, solutions can scale from single server, disk-only architectures to larger systems combining different storage tiers and technologies, all with infinite capacities. The combination of different storage technologies and content migration processes enables you to balance response time, performance and cost, and allows your environment to scale as needs increase.

DIVA lets you reimagine the way you work by putting the power of your digital content back in your own hands. With DIVA, the sky is the limit. And that limit gets pushed with each innovation—welcome to DIVA V8.

Innovating with Purpose: What’s New with DIVA V8?

Innovation is in our DNA. Our innovative vision is a deliberate result of a deep commitment to continuous improvement. With that in mind, we invest in research and development of our products and solutions with focus on our customers’ evolving asset management needs and sustained business growth.

The latest DIVA Software Suite innovations include:

  1. Updated User Experience: Modern web based UX that works seamlessly across desktop and mobile platforms, new user and group roles, and simplified, consistent navigation.
  2. Improved Analytical Reporting Capabilities: View and chart historical requests, up-to-date reporting on per-resource utilization, in-depth analysis for objects, requests, operations, and utilization, and new visual graphing and charting options.
  3. Proactive Notifications and Alerts: Proactive alerting for DIVA workflow operations and errors, active system status for all connected DIVA components, and DIVA workflow health checks.
  4. AXF Native file and folder support: View original file and folder structure natively on managed storage, autodiscovery of new and changed objects (post release feature), and multithreaded upload support (post release feature).
  5. Additional Storage Tiers: Google cloud support and microsoft azure cloud support. 

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