The Real Value of Managed Services in Digital Asset Management

Posted by EcoDigital Marketing on Dec 22, 2020 2:43:39 PM
EcoDigital Marketing

The speed of daily content creation is constantly increasing, resulting in an avalanche of digital assets and evolving media formats. Those digital assets need to be accessible to all your relevant internal teams, partners, channels and more. However, getting the right materials to the right audiences at the right time is a complex task – one that can directly impact your bottom line. In addition, we’re witnessing a trend where technology moves and changes rapidly. Is your internal IT department equipped to follow this pace?


One of the biggest complaints in any company is the IT department’s response time. IT teams are not only responsible for installing, monitoring, securing and maintaining IT equipment and infrastructure, but also for supporting requests that address all daily operational issues. When an IT department is reactive and consumed with these short-term demands, the proactive long-term projects focused on increasing productivity, reducing downtime and supporting company growth are likely to suffer.


From Reactive to Proactive IT Approach


While adopting a new technology, such as EcoDigital’s DIVA Software Suite, can play a transformative role in company’s digital asset management and become a powerful business enabler, it can also introduce a level of complexity that prevents businesses from optimizing its use and achieving its intended benefits. The main reason is the lack of internal resources and time to solely focus on digital ecosystem management, storage infrastructure and workflow improvements. As business expands and operations scale up, this gap in resources becomes even more apparent and harder to overcome.


With managed services, companies can grow without the stress of adding IT infrastructure to accommodate the expansion. Outsourcing IT services doesn't eliminate the need for an internal IT department. On the contrary, it supports the strategic activities of IT professionals, letting them focus on developing and implementing strategic solutions in support of company’s growth. Managed services, such as ECOPro Managed Services, are designed to enhance and strengthen a company’s technology strategy and extend its IT team’s capabilities. With ECOPro Managed Services you get a team of trained, highly qualified, experienced developers and support engineers so you can put your mind at ease and watch your digital content management operations become less complicated, more streamlined, proactive, and highly secure.


 5 Major Benefits of ECOPro Managed Services


  1. Peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring
    Unlike the in-house IT support, which in many cases is reactive type of service, managed services are intrinsically proactive in nature. Managed services providers perform 24/7 proactive monitoring of the customer’s environment to preempt incidents, provide event management, incident detection, identification and remediation, and conduct problem analysis to determine root causes of the issue once service is restored.
  2. Cost-effective access to subject matter experts
    ECOPro Managed Services offers support teams to complement your in-house IT team by giving you access to subject matter experts, intelligent monitoring and preemptive management, reporting, automation, and technology maintenance.
  3. Minimized risk of operational downtime
    The value of managed services is most apparent when considering the risk of negative repercussions in the instance of system outages that could cause a considerable loss of revenue and decrease in productivity, which could be devastating and hard to recover from. With ECOPro Managed, you have a team of experts using the latest tools to monitor your system, look for irregularities, and resolve issues as soon as they arise to minimize downtime and reduce the business impact of incidents.
  4. Focus on core business, not on maintaining technology
    ECOPro Managed offers services focused on protecting your digital assets, mitigating risks, reducing operational costs, and increasing efficiencies, allowing you to spend more time to do what you do best – focus on strategic goals and the core of your business while relying on experts to keep your business relevant and in line with continually evolving technology, expansion, and productivity demands.
  5. Increased operational efficiency
    Managed services have been shown to help boost IT team efficiency. Rather than burdening your in-house IT resources with infrastructure issues, system problems and operational downtime, your internal IT department can focus on streamlining operations, innovating, and achieving revenue generating business goals.


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